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We love kids and they like coming to see us! Our office has a great toy area for young kids to play in and GameBoys for older children while they wait. During your child’s visit, they can also watch cartoons on our TV monitors in our operatories. We take them on camera tours of their mouths, give them prizes, and show them other cool things in our office. Dr. Virk is great with kids and loves to make them comfortable in the dentist’s chair.

Why do we go to such lengths? Because we want to show kids that going to the dentist can be a pleasant and even fun experience. We also want to teach them the proper ways to maintain good dental hygiene over their lifetime.

Kids Welcome!
We would like to see children after their second birthday. At this time, we will give them a chair ride and perform a visual exam to see how their teeth are doing. When your child is older, we will complete a more comprehensive exam. Ideally, we would like to see your child (and you) every six months.

Cavities and Kids
Dental technology has come a long way!  We are now happy to offer fillings for children with our new LASER, the Waterlase YSGG, which allows over 90% of the fillings to be done with no drilling, no needles and no numb lip. Once the decay is removed, there are now several options for filling the tooth:

Tooth Coloured Fillings
These fillings are virtually indetectable to the naked eye.
Twinkly Star Coloured Fillings
These fillings are available in pink, blue, green, yellow and silver. They contain fluoride which helps strengthen the tooth underneath the filling. Your child will be the star of show and tell at their school.
Silver Amalgam Fillings
These are the traditional fillings used on children’s teeth.

Orthodontic (Braces) Evaluation

By the age of seven, we will perform an orthodontic evaluation on your child. During this exam, we will see how their adult teeth are developing and check their tooth spacing to see if there’s enough room in their jaws without crowding the teeth. From there, we will discuss if orthodontics may be appropriate for your child. You can learn more about orthodontics on our Orthodontics page.

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